ISO Training Courses

management policy

Active Business International is an independent ISO Certification Body, which aims to provide an impartial, realistic and practical approach to its client’s certification requirements.

It is the AIM of Active Business International to

  • Operate a management system in compliance with the requirements of ISO17021.
  • Meet any specific requirements of the IAF
  • Carryout business activities in a non-discriminatory manner.
  • Ensure that audit activities are carried out in accordance with our scope of accreditation and within the requirements of ISO 17021:2015 & ISO 19011:2018
  • Offer a service to the best of our abilities, which is independent and impartial and seen to be fair, cost competitive and of high integrity
  • Considering complaints, appeals and decisions and communicating to appellant
  • Undertake continual improvement in the way we conduct our business and the services we offer
  • Avoid imposing undue financial or other conditions on clients and partners
  • To ensure that our staff understand the philosophy of Active Business International, we train them to fulfil their talents, while operating to agreed formalized management systems.
  • We document, define and analyze the conflict of interest possibilities via conflict of interest tables; whereas risks are being analyzed via risk analysis. Conflict of interest tables define measures against risks which threaten the concept of impartiality.

All the organization shall have access to Active Business International services. In addition, access to all certification services shall not be restricted on the grounds that the applicant does not apply for other services or it is member of particular group or association.