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Complaints & Appeals

Active Business International always tries to maximize client satisfaction. However, we recognize that there are occasions on which clients might feel that matters could have been handled better. We have in place a rigorous Complaints and Appeals Procedure which ensures that all complaints and appeals are handled fairly and promptly, the main points of which are outlined below:


COMPLAINT:  Expression of dissatisfaction made to an organization related to its service or the complaint handling process itself where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly

APPEAL:  Make a serious, urgent and heartfelt request

RESPONSIBILITY  Managing Director / Operation Manager


COMMUNICATION:  Information concerning the complaint and appeal handling process is displayed on Active Business International website available to customers, complainant and other interested parties. Information is provided in clear language covering i.e. how complaint and Appeal can be made, process of complaint handling information to be provided by the complainant and how the complainant can obtain feedback on the status of the complaints

RECEIPT OF COMPLAINTS AND APPEALS:  Complaint or appeal are received through the below Complain or Appeal Form further recorded with supportive information and a unique identification code in Complaint and Appeal Record. The record of the initial complaint is identifying the remedy sought by the complainant and any other information necessary for the effective handling of the complaint.

The complaint and appeal are tracked from initial receipt through the entire process until the complainant is satisfied or the final decision is made. An up to date status should be made available to the complainant upon request and at regular intervals at least at the time of pre-set deadline

INVESTIGATING OF COMPLAINTS AND APPEALS:  Active Business International shall ensure that persons engaged in the appeals handling process are different from those who carried out the audits and made certification decisions

Every reasonable effort is made to investigate all the relevant circumstances and information surrounding a complaint. The level of investigation should be commensurate with the seriousness, frequency of occurrence and severity of the complaints

COMMUNICATING THE DECISION:  Decision or any action made regarding the complaint which is relevant to the complainant or appeal to the personnel involved should be communicated to them as soon as the decision or action is taken.

If the complainant accepts the proposed decision or action, then the decision or action shall be carried out and complaint shall be closed formally

If complainant rejects the proposed decision or action, then the complaint shall remain open till Active Business International search out an alternative solution

Following an appropriate investigation Active Business International discuss these complaints and appeals in fore coming Management Review Meeting. Required correction and corrective action are taken to avoid any repetition.