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Active Business International® functions as an International ISO Certification and Training Body that delivers its services globally. Our core business is to provide organizations certification of ISO management systems according to several international standards.

Thus, we work with a primary aim to provide an impartial, realistic and practical approach to our client’s certification requirements. Our global operations allow us to work and deliver recognized certifications to clients in different regions, without any territorial boundaries.

Our management of engineers, technical experts and lead auditors employed in Active Business International® make up a professional team that is not only diligent but also determined to deliver their best to the clients. They are geared to provide extra confidence, credibility and support to the customers.

We value our customers as well as their concern to get a reliable and an authentic credibility which carries a sound recognition. Hence, our experience and accreditation signifies our professionalism and abilities to deliver all the certification needs of the client. Thus, we can proudly claim that we have satisfied thousands of clients of various sizes and certification scopes and will continue work above and beyond their expectations.

We differ from other certification bodies largely by pragmatic approach to an audit without emphasis on bureaucracy. Thus, we ensure that our audit activities are carried out in accordance with our scope of accreditation and within the requirements

We firmly and ethically stand by our word to strictly follow and comply with all the rules and obligations under international accreditation, under favorable prices.

Active Business International® determinedly lives up to its vision of “Empowering Active Businesses Internationally”.