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Impartiality Statement

The ABI is committed to providing impartial and objective audit and certification services in order to obtain and maintain confidence that our decisions are based on objective evidence of conformity (or nonconformity) and are not influenced by other interests and parties. This will enable us to provide reports and certificates which record a true reflection of the condition and characteristics of the systems and products which we audit and certify against relevant specifications or standards.

It is understood that within a Certification Body there can be a number of risks to impartiality which can impact the objectivity of the audit and certification activities both at client premises and within the certification body operations.

We have taken measures to identify such risks to impartiality and any pressures or conflicts of interest that could have an influence or a possible influence on impartiality where risks or possible risks to impartiality have been identified we have determined the arrangements needed to eliminate the risks, or where necessary, manage or minimize the risks. This will be repeated annually to ensure that the risks are identified and managed on an on-going basis.

These arrangements have been included in the applicable policies, procedures or instructions in our management system.

Managing Director